Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Personal Entry- No Arrest???

They never came. For a time I sat on the Temple steps, just waiting. My comm was activated and was sending a signal to Deomo, telling him my location. Perhaps he was called away on duty. No matter, I am not one to look a gift Ikopi in the mouth...

I felt along my bond for Scar'let. There was confusion and a bit of sadness. "Tai'Shan, I thought to her...I calmly tracked her down and travelled to her on my speeder. I found her standing at a shuttleport, somewhat unattached and distant. Once she saw me, she lit up. I walked to her and held out my hands. "Not today Tai'Shan, let us go hunt." I wanted to see her Dance of Death one more time. I wanted to have a crisp picture of her lithe form dancing with her blade, beckoning her enemies to join her on their dancefloor of destiny. She looked at me with concern and asked if I wanted to get buffed. "No, there is no need." Perhaps it was foolishness, knowing what was soon in store for me. Honestly, it was bravery, to know that I was with her and her steel blade, along with my cats. *smile* my firecats...

I had to just sit back and watch her dance, side by side with Envy, my Fire-red Gurrcat. I was lost deep in thought...Beauty and strength, as one. Every so often she faltered, and I applied a stim to her. She didn't even seem to notice. So sure of herself, and my presence, it was as if she knew she would not fall, that I would not let her. My mind drifted back to the temple and the voice. "Trust, trust in what you have to do, and trust in her." That voice....why does it haunt me? Why am I drawn to it? So lost was I in thought I did not notice the Hurton nipping at my arm as I sat. I passed out momentarily.. I could still sense the panic from the bond as Scarlet saw my predicament. Frantically, she searched her pack for stims. Unable to do find any and unable to turn me over to get to mine, she continued her fight, wracked with worry. "Tai'Shan, I will be fine." I suddenly regained conscienceness and applied first aid to my gashed arm. She turned to me and I slipped a stim into her pack. "Just in case."

We did not need it, not with her strength and willful eye turned towrd me every so often. I focused more on her graceful dance until we were done. Panting she informed me she was tired of fighting for today, that we shoudl do something else. I suggested the temple. On the way back, she wanted to show me something in Eden. Eden? How ironic, a bit too close to the name of my former city, Eden's Grief. She was...for lack of a better word, glowing, she excitedly told me to follow her to the center of the city. There, was a fallen AT-AT in the swamp. Amazing to think of the battle that must have occured here and the strength of the rebels that brought that monstrosity down. I had to get a better look at this. We walked to the water's edge where I begun to shuck my clothing, opting for a swimsuit. I jumped in and began to swim out to the sight before me. I heard...no, felt a whimper across the bond. I stopped to look back at Scarlet, she was pacing the water's edge, desperate to get closer to me. Suggesting she join me she shook her head negatively. Incedible to think this creature that once stood to Sith Lords in a battle, and mroe recently to a hunter's camp of Kunga's, would be scared to swim. I swam back and forth a bit, showing her the ease in it. "Go change Scarlet, change into the suit I gave you for my pool." She sighed and retreated to behind a building, apparently too shy to change in front of me. I snuck out of the water and startled her just as she was putting her top on. She blushed, the warrior blushed... *smile*

I finally coaxed her into the water, little by little. She took to the water like a natural, her graceful form gliding across the surface. We swam out to the AT-AT and then around it. I marvelled at its construction. Always being a fan of ingenius engineering, this was certainly a prime example of such a thing.

Both exhausted we jumped on our speeders and retreated to the temple, not taking our suits off, being dried by the Dantooine air rushing past us. We arrived to the temple, Scarlet before me. I found her standing at the firepit, beaming at a bantha charm sitting on its edge. "Brem" That was enough, I knew she needed some time so I retreated to Fyrshka's shrine. I prayed to her to grant me strength and watch out for Scarlet in my absence which I knew was to soon be upon us. I stood and Scarlet was there looking at my questioningly. I just smiled and motioned for her to join me in our room. We slept, together, for one more night. I will hold the memory of her closeness with me always. It will grant me the strength I will need in the upcoming days.


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