Friday, October 14, 2011

Final Chapter Part I

“Prisoner XF228, step forward. Continue to MedBay 7 for final workup for release.”

From the line of 15 shabby humanoids in drab jumpsuits stepped a man with hard eyes. He shifted his gaze from the guards to his fellow prisoners, offering them a passing nod as he moved on. The muscles in his left arm worked at clenching and releasing a fist that was not there, similar to what one might call a nervous tick if they didn’t know the man. Those that did however knew this was a sign that deep within the man laid enough raw rage to embolden a platoon of non-clone soldiers, and it was threatening to explode.

He walked, standing up taller than most of the guards. They took years of his life away in mere months with the endless questions, the tests, and of course, the punishments. Scarred and beaten, they quickly found that he either knew nothing or they did not have the means to break him. Usually after the removal of two digits, a prisoner finds they are unable to talk fast enough to tell everything. They took all 5 digits and the stub of a hand that remained, slowly, methodically. During all this his eyes never left his tormentors. He never flinched, he never cried out. What they wanted from him he was never quite sure. Perhaps it was the destruction and disappearance of the rebel attachment he was fighting for. Perhaps it was the imperial colors adorning his walls and ship hanger.

The man entered the medical bay and the med droid began his cursory scan. A human med tech walked in reading a chart. Her deep pink hair was almost as shocking as her form. A quick glance and the technician tossed a datachip to the man that had been concealed in her datapad. Without so much as a blink, the chip was caught with the man’s good hand and inserted into the medical droid. From under the exam table the woman picked up a case, unlocked it, and placed it on the equipment table before turning to leave. With a quick glance over her shoulder she whispered, “Don’t be home late, brother.”

The med droid rebooted and began to complete its new instructions. From the case it extracted an advanced prosthetic model not used on prisoners. It worked quickly attaching the hand on the wounded prisoner. A series of injections would have to suffice instead of a bacta tank. This prisoner’s time was running out. Finally the droid indicated it was complete. The prisoner flexed the hand into a fist.

“But, sir, you must test each finger individually so I may make adjustments.”

The prisoner looked up at the droid with a smirk before putting the new fist through the droid’s cranial unit.

“This will have to do.”

Security was truly lax. Threat of escape into the jungles of Dathomir was not a viable risk so external monitoring was scant. The perimeter fences were used to keep people in as much as they were used to keep other things in the jungles out. One such creature, a Rancor of immense size had been seen stalking the fence line for the last few days. No one believes that the corpse of a malkoc that the rancor threw at the fence had anything to do with the lab technician that went missing, the 7 guards that were found dead, and the one medical droid that was destroyed. It appears someone escaped but cell count shows all prisoners accounted for. While it is possible a prisoner could have escaped, they certainly wouldn’t have slowed down their egress enough to hack the datanet. The official paperwork stated the perimeter fence was breached and unknown predators entered the compound and gained entry to the prison medical unit. The carnage certainly pointed to a predator from the jungles and extensive Tanray tracks were found. While not being native to Dathomir it is believed the Tanray was a Nightsister companion that had been turned loose and reverted to a feral state.

Seven clicks northeast of the compound the prisoner knelt down below a tie bomber and rubbed behind the ear of a Razor Cat. With a whistle he stood up and the Razor Cat went running into the ship, followed closely by a Tanray that slipped out of the woods. A loud rumbling and the breaking of trees made the Tanray stop and look back briefly. A Rancor broke through the tree line and charged the prisoner. Stopping short the Rancor bent down low and bellowed a loud rumble of anger at the man.

“I am sorry my friend. This is your home now. You cannot follow me anymore. I have but a few things to finish before my final journey.”

The rancor stood up straight and roared into the sky as if the man’s words wounded him. Looking down at the man once more, it slowly turned around and walked back to the trees. The Rancor slowly shuffled away as if his will to go on was sapped. The man watched him disappear then turned for the shuttle with tears running down his face. He did not know how he was going to stomach releasing all of his companions back into their natural habitat. Only the loss of three people have brought tears to this man’s face. He knows each and every one of the creatures he will have to release will do the same.

The man walks up the ramp into the ship. The Tanray stood on its hind legs and looked at the man questioningly.

“No my friend, not yet, I still need your help. Droid, set a course for Naboo, drop down on the outskirts of Keren.”

The man held his new prosthetic hand at the snout of the Tanray. It sniffed briefly and cocked its head to the side seemingly confused.

“I know old friend, I know. Just a little more time left. I need your help your find her. Once I do…I don’t know what will happen.”

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fallen Devil

There is a reason Eleska puts her extensive medical knowledge to use in a private lab versus a public medical center. Her bedside manner is atrocious, and it is undoubtedly being multiplied by the fact that once again, she has to stitch up her brother. What’s worse, I can smell a new familiar scent. I tried to smile. I could hear the mumbling of their conversation via the vibrations of the bacta. Some people who have never had the occasion to be repaired like this do not understand the heightened senses one can sometimes experience. The mild concussion didn’t knock me out. It was the seeping of the atmosphere escaping my damaged ship and the punctured lung that made me pass out upon reentry. With the foresight to program my autopilot my ship took us to Eleska’s lab on Lok. I don’t know how she does it as small as she is but she always manages to pull me into the lab and the bacta tank.

Their voices became raised and I could hear agitation in their conversation. It was time to get out of here. I don’t want them fighting. Suddenly things went cold. Except for….a warmth along my side…and something else, soft, it was holding me. Her, I could smell her, how did she know I was hurt? Why is she at Eleska’s lab? I relaxed and tried to smile but the muscles wouldn’t respond.
Tonight they will. If all else fails, I know she will still be in my arms.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Captured Devil

He held his saber a little too close to the doctor’s throat, I could see the skin turn bright red at the proximity of the heat. I didn’t say a word, I just gazed down upon my prey, his eyes wide with fear, sweat running down his brow. I held a datapad to his face, forcing him to watch and listen to the bio-report.

“Scan complete. Subject: Female, Twi’lek, Purple pigmentation of skin, exact age unknown. Genetic manipulation discovered on the 15th chromosome. Gene location is 234.156. Known mapping indicates this gene is responsible for sex drive and physical attachment to another based for the single basic purpose of self-pleasure.”

My eyes watched his as they shifted to utter horor and the realization of what he was seeing. “I have her now, and I will fix what you have done to your own flesh and blood. During these last few breaths of yours consider her fate. You may have done what you did to save her but what will her fate be when I strip away the chains you bound her with?”

“Maybe she will fall in love with an Imperial and turn traitor to your cause doctor,” Zoidberg said with a smirk at his joke. I looked at him sternly so the good doctor would not see me trying to hide a grin.

“So what do we do with you now doctor? I know of a lab on Dathomir that is just itching for new subjects. Maybe you would like to spend some time on the other side of the cage for a change.” Zoidberg chuckled. “I got him Zoidberg, I’ll deliver him personally and speak with his new hosts…in great detail of my expectations.

“Very well Maxell, and remember our deal.” Zoidberg said as he released the doctor. “Help them, turn them into the warriors they can be, my time with them has come and gone. I can do no more.”

I nodded as my mind briefly spun to the task before me. New battalion, new troopers, different side, different day.

I dragged the doctor to the shuttle and set the course for our destination.

“That, that isn’t the course for Dathomir, where are you taking me?”

“None of your concern, yet…” The doctor passed out due to fear and his extreem exhaustion. We soon landed and I ordered one of my droids to carry him inside where I left him sitting upon a divan. I placed a datapad on the table next to him with a simple message.

I could never kill the father of the woman I love no matter the depravity and type of being he is. You are to stay here for the remainder of your life or until I see fit to release you. Do not venture outside. There are a multitude of well trained beasts guarding your house and I can assure you, they are all very very hungry. I have provided the necessities plus a tech lab for you to continue work. You will have access to computers only, no biologicals. Your soulless hands will never lay upon a living creature again.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

New Day, New Life

I quietly slipped out of bed and walked downstairs. Little Max came bounding around the corner to me and played his best game of cute so I would feed him…Hmmm I wonder what she feeds him. I heard the nails of a claw scratching on the hard floor from around the corner. As quiet and dark as the knight, my Tanray peeked his head around the corner, looking for the morsel of breakfast the rest of us call Little Max. I made eye contact with his four hours and smirked, shaking my head no. With an almost human nod, he turned around the corner on the hunt for different prey. I hope my shoes are hidden away safely.

I walked into her kitchen and made breakfast, careful to remain quiet. I put a large portion of sliced fruit, avian eggs and toast in the ref’er so she could reheat when she woke up. I glanced over my shoulder to be sure she was not awake before I put a small plate of eggs on the ground for Little Max to eat. I leaned against the countertop nibbling on my toast and watched him eat. Always my creatures were built for utilitarian use, large beasts capable of vicious combat. I never used them as fodder and spent as much time mending them on the battlefield as I do myself, but still…I wondered if I was wrong to use the creatures to facilitate my survival. Little Max served no purpose besides to make the one I love happy. Is that enough? With a pang of guilt I whistled softly for my Tanray. His head popped around the other corner to the kitchen. I held my hand out so he could approach me and slowly moved my hand to scratch behind his ears. Like a feline he leaned into my hand wanting more. His eyes darted to Little Max and the plate of eggs. “Share.” The Tanray slinked over and nudged Little Max so he could access the plate too. Little Max growled and jumped on the Tanray’s back in what must have been the only way it knew to fight. The Tanray looked up briefly, then went back to eating. Little Max stood atop him and growled then became silent. He sniffed and circled then laid down on his broad warm back. I shook my head as I tossed my crust onto their plate and left to my room to pull on my flight suit.

I passed the stairs up to her room and glanced up, hungry to wake her with my body, but thought better of it. She needs to sleep and I cannot shirk my duties or else unfamiliar eyes may look in our direction and wonder why an Imperial Agent is living with, and sleeping with a Rebel.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Incident Report BB-47

Incident Report BB-47

Local Incursion into Patrol Vector

Results: Imperial Patrol Terminated

Investigation Submitted by: Commander Maxell Snow
Results: At 0130 hours an Imperial patrol was sent to investigate the reported intrusion of a known rebel sympathizer into Oasis Outpost BB-106 on Tatooine, Southern Hemisphere. At 0200 hours the patrol failed to check in via comms and an additional sqad was sent to investigate. Thy recovered the corpses of all three stormtroopers. Investigation of their helmets indicates a sniper shot to the head. Ballistics test confirm the caliber rifle shell was identical to the ones found in native Tusken Rifles. Bodies were badly maimed, remains point to native carrion species. Bantha tracks leading away from the bodies further confirm Tuskens were responsible. It is assumed rebel sympathizer was eliminated or captured as well. Further investigation unnecessary.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Eleska Pt. I


As usual, the door slams shaking my desk and disrupting my concentration. That man is as infuriating as any, except with this one, I am forced to endure.

“Did you bring it like I asked?”

“Of course I did, and I brought a little something extra for you.” I turned to him, my curiosity piqued. In his hand he held a creature’s egg.

“What is it?”

“Let’s go to your lab and find out, it should be about ready to hatch. I just got it from the bioengineer.”

“You what? You bought an egg from someone else? When I am surrounded by all of this?”

“Eleska, relax. You haven’t seen one of these yet. Not only that along with the egg, I learned how to create it from the doctor.” I had to struggle to hide my emotions. He knows exactly what buttons to push, exactly how to turn me into a giddy little girl. He annoys me sometimes.

Once in the lab he gently set the egg down under the heating element. The egg seemed to vibrate a bit and shift around as if it was trying to roll off. He steadied the egg with a gently hand and looked up into my eyes.

“Eleska I need your help. I need you to analyze this bio readout. It is from a Twi’lek. She has been…modified.”

“Your work?” he shook his head a little too quickly and a little too hard, betraying his emotions. I glanced at the egg seeing it was well cared for.

“Fine, but don’t make me miss this.”

“I promise I won’t, I will call at the first sign of it hatching.”

I flipped the datacard in my fingers, curious at who this was and why he is so interested in her. This is a bit out of character for him. I sat at my desk and inserted the chip. A rendering of the genetic structure lit the screen before my eyes, highlighting the anomalies. Curious, the location of the markers seemed familiar…something from many years ago, who was his name…that genetics lab on Corellia…internship…he hit on me…constantly…dirty old man…Dom….Dommer…No, it hit me finally….Tag Domn’r.

“Hey!! I got it, Dr. Tag Domnr. He was a professor I had for an internship on Corellia. He is stationed at Moenia, did you hear me? Maxell?”

I rushed back into the room, thinking I was missing the egg hatching. Instead I was greeted by his eyes, boring through me, that look on his face…the one you can’t really tell if he is in deep concentration, or is simply on the verge of loosing control. It always gave me the shivers.

Instead of looking past me he looked right into my eyes, “Can you generate a device that will eliminate the effects of the alterations?”

“I should be able too. When do you need it by?”

“I’ll be back in a day, have it ready.”

“But, Maxell the materials for something like that…this is a biolab, not an engineering workroom.”

“Call Avios, get him to help you. Watch the egg, I will be back for it too”

“Maxell, please, be careful.”

He didn’t even break his stride as he left. Brothers…infuriating…

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


I awoke with a start, finding the naked thigh of a Twi’lek draped across my leg. At one point of my life I may have been ashamed to recognize that this was not an uncommon occurrence. Years of war and years of witnessing friends and loved ones torn apart before your eyes tends to erode honor and decency. Solace is often found in between the thighs of a woman. This one…was different.

I ran the back of my hand across her forehead gently so as to not wake her. A tender touch, one she is not used to receiving, and one I have not desired to share with anyone else for a long time. Something was wrong. Her flesh was ice cold, breathing now that I looked beyond the swell of her chest was shallow and slow. She was dying.

As quickly as I had laid her down in my bed the night before I lifted her. cradled in my arms. I rushed down two lifts, across the main concourse to the medical bay. I gently placed her upon and examination table and fired up the droid.

“Full body scan down to the cellular level. Search for any anomalies: structural or genetic. Access Imperial records, download basic Twi’lek physiology and known pathogens. Cross reference any anomalies found with known diseases.” The medical droid attempted an off balance salute. I do not know why my droids started doing this. It was not into their protocol programming, but it did begin shortly after my Narglatch used an R2 unit as a toy…

The monotone voice responded after a few minutes, “Scan complete. Genetic manipulation discovered on the 15th chromosome. Gene location is 234.156. Known mapping indicates this gene is responsible for sex drive and physical attachment to another based for the single basic purpose of self-pleasure.” My heart sank. She was an engineered pleasure girl and I had fallen into her trap only the night before.

A hand suddenly grasped mine tightly and I pulled my sidearm without thinking. I looked down, into her green eyes. They welled with tears and pleaded with me, “Maxell, please, help me. The droid is right but last night wasn’t…I need help, please take me home.” I placed a gentle hand on her forehead, running the palm down her face, urging her to close her eyes and relax.

As quickly as I found myself lost in something long forgotten the night before, I returned to what I know best. Leaving the medical bay I returned to the ante chamber to the bridge where my Mandalorian armor waited. Under this, I was shielded from the world. When I remove it, I get hurt in more ways than one. Not this time. I will fix this and things will be different. She may not be mine in the end, but at least she will be free, and someone will be dead for what they have done.