Friday, January 21, 2005

Personal Entry- Next Chapter

There was much that needed to be done today. One of which, and probably something I have been avoiding, was speaking to Brem and giving him the bracelets that Kimbrya gave to me. I contacted him and we met in the Theed cantina. Deciding discretion would be appropriate; I suggested we go into a back room to talk. He is not dumb, he knows what we were meeting about.

The pain was evident upon his face. I was at a loss for words really. I told him of Mystyn and how death affects us all. I was powerless to save her, much as Brem was with Kimbrya. Mystyn was ill, deathly ill. Kimbrya was as well but it was a painless malady. To know that Kimbrya’s passing was peaceful, that, she welcomed it…I have seen life leave many people’s eyes. Never like this…To see someone pass to be one with the Force, is awe inspiring. I wonder…Was there a reason I was to be the one to witness it? Did someone…something have an ulterior motive? What was it to open my eyes too? I will have to think on this…

Brem seemed to be doing ok. I think he was trying to keep himself together for my sake, not wanting to show weakness in front of me, Zabrak…proud species…I do not know what it is about him. Ever since his trial I have felt a connection with him, almost as if he was my…son. Why am I surrounded by all of these Zabrak? *laugh*

Scarlet commed me and I told her to come to the Theed cantina if she was feeling up to it, that I was speaking with Brem, and that she needed to as well. I sensed her approach and felt her hesitation at the door. I told Brem to come with me outside. Scarlet looked a little weak but a smile broke across her face at the sight of Brem. I told them I had things to do in order to grant them space, and time to revisit their friendship. I know it has been too long.

There was another to speak too. Deomo. For once, anger was not consuming my mind. I knew what had to be done, what I must do. I met him on Dantooine, rather I tracked him down to a lair. He was fighting side by side with Fire’Fly. Damn, Scarlet and I need to move forward with Fire’Fly sometime…Deomo ordered her to grant him some privacy…Odd, perhaps a training mission…We spoke about Scarlet and what our issues do to her. That, for her sake, and her child’s (who’s ever it may be), we must begin to get along. Not just tolerate each other in passing, we must move beyond that. I think Deomo had at least gotten to that point, and I know I have, my hand no longer hovers above my sidearm when he is nearby. Concerned that I may not reach him, and also to give him something tangible to remember our conversation with, I gave him two Nightsister Lances I purchased in Hendola. Not knowing much about polearm tactics, I tried to select Lances that had special abilities that I thought would assist him the best when facing an enemy: man or creature. One lance was blessed with a flame attack that targeted one’s mind; a wicked spell indeed. Then I sensed a wave of dark come over him. Almost like an eclipse, slowly moving across a sun’s surface. Through my bond with Scarlet I could feel his struggle. Remembering my dream I latched my armor on and drew my pistol. I moved to my speeder. I did not want to put him down, not after our talk, it just seemed…Wrong. For him, for us, and for Scarlet, I would run. A simple sacrifice of pride for something greater. He regained his balance, and said all was fine. I approached him, and then extended my hand to his, an offer of the human gesture of shaking hands in order to seal an agreement. Oddly enough, his hand was rising at the same time as mine. We shook.

A new chapter has begun…


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